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~ bila tgk tajuk..mcm suspen je kan?..maksud yg sebenar entry ni ialah "last berkaitan dgn jurnal kehamilan saya"...kenapa?....ikuti sambungan "..dan kisahku yang masih panjang, menambahkan berat yang memandang..." kerana "apa pun yang terjadi...berjalanlah tanpa henti...."

Date : 24 Jan 11
29 wks
This trimester, about 250mgs of calcium are deposited in your child's hardening skeleton each day. So it’s important for you to make sure you get enough. 

Dairy foods are very high in calcium. Anmum Materna has plenty, so do yoghurt and cheese. Other good sources include calcium-enriched orange juice, rice beverages, and soy beverages.-
Two of the most common reason for Braxton-Hicks contractions during pregnancy is dehydration or bladder infection. Both of these problems can be best handled by drinking loads and loads of water (or anything not caffeinated or alcoholic). Not-so-conveniently, once you’re drank all your water and your bladder is super-full, BH contractions will again
At nearly 40cm in length, your baby now weighs 2lb 5oz (1.048 KG)or thereabouts, although by now there’s quite a variation in size and weight between babies. During the third trimester, you can expect your baby  to triple in weight by the time 40 weeks are up. In many respects your baby is fully formed now – all the organs are developed but will continue to mature as they get ready to greet the world.

Lots of mums have difficulty sleeping during pregnancy. Try sleeping on your side with three pillows – one between your knees, one in the small of your back and one under your head. Have a warm, milky drink before you go to bed but it’s best to avoid tea or coffee because the caffeine can make it too difficult to relax and might make you want to urinate in the night. You can also try putting a few drops of a diluted and pregnancy-safe essential oil into your bath such as lavender to help you relax and unwind.

By week 29 you are legally entitled to begin your maternity leave ? Just be sure to keep in mind that any weeks taken before the birth will be one less to spend when your baby arrives.-
oh, my aching back
One of the greatest areas of risk of strain is to your back. To counter balance the weight and bulk which is out in your front, your back is likely to automatically sway inwards from now on. In addition, your feet will be placed further apart as you walk. This will give you the all too familiar waddle of pregnancy, something you may have sworn you'd never succumb to. Watch your weight, wear flat shoes, take your time getting from a standing or lying position to being upright and do some back strengthening exercises. The abdominal muscles also work on supporting the back so don't ignore their important role. 

your emotional changes this week

  • You may be feeling yourself relax a little, knowing that if you went into premature labour, your baby's chances of survival are very good. If you've had a pre-term baby before, this will undoubtedly cause you to feel concerned and anxious it may happen again.
  • Start to prioritise about what is really important and what isn't. Think in terms of what you have to get done and what you want to get done before the baby is born. Be realisitc about what will be more difficult to achieve, when there is someone who is totally dependent on you for its care. Now is not the time to start a major renovation, plan a house move or start a new job. Try to avoid excess stress and aim for a simple life.
  • Try not to place too much value on your body image or how you look. You may need to change your ideas on what you perceive to be attractive and beautiful. Pregnant women's bodies are unique and have their own inherent beauty.
  • Mood swings are common in the third trimester. You could find yourself almost delirious with happiness one minute and in tears the next. Keep a box of tissues handy and be kind to yourself. Blame those hormones again which can depress your nervous system and cause symptoms similar to pre-menstrual tension.
  • Make a list of baby names which can be further refined if you can't ultimately decide. Many parents leave the final decision for when they actually see their baby and what name suits them. This is not as strange as it seems. In a moment of absolute clarity, most parents can look at their little ones face and know what they need to be named. Sometimes, it's a name which has not even occurred to
Having a baby prematurely is frightening, no doubt. But here's a reason to relax: Due to the impressive advancements of medical technology, if your baby is born this week, she'd have a 9 out of 10 chance of survival, which is seriously great news. Other awesome developments:

Baby's brain can now control her breathing and body temperature. She can also cough, and her sucking abilities have been perfected. Look out, boobs!

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