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3rd trimester - 13 weeks left....

Date : 10 Jan 11
27wks 3 days

Dah masuk 3rd trimester ini, manyak menda yang saya perlu alert....terasa sedikit mengah membawa perut, ini mujur saiz perut x besar seperti yang org lain duk sibuk2 kata..-> perut saya kecik jer....
Your child now sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, and may even be sucking his fingers!
While he’s oblivious to what you’re going through, you’re probably aware of the constant leg cramps from carrying all that extra weight.
When a cramp strikes, stretch your calf muscle for some relief. Walking for a few minutes or massaging your calf can help
Tahap gediks baby mmg sgt aktif...mmg kdg2 boleh buat ibu rasa x selesa especially bila baby mcm mintak nk manja2 time ib nak berehat...muahh!...shud enjoy this moment kan..?...:)
Your baby’s development - Your baby is now 37cm long and weighs around ( 0.9 KG). As you enter your third (and final!) trimester, your baby will start to receive immunity to infection from the antibodies that cross through the placenta. This immunity will be boosted by breast-feeding and lasts until your baby is a few months old.
You & your body- If you’re experiencing the pain of heartburn during pregnancy, you’re not alone. It’s more than just indigestion – it’s a powerful burning sensation that seems to be in the middle of the chest. Caused by the release of stomach acid, it’s often brought on by lying flat – not altogether helpful when you’re trying to get some rest!
There are many tried and tested methods of relieving heartburn during pregnancy, so you could try a few of these:
• Eat your evening meal early, and don’t eat anything in the couple of hours before you go to bed
• Take a glass of milk before going to bed
• Sleep upright or propped-up – use a couple of pillows to support your back and neck
• Get plenty of medical advice – and don’t take any indigestion remedies before checking with your doctor -
Walaupun cuaca tgh musim sejuk hingga ke tulang hitam....tapi saya dh mula terasa panas juga. Rupanya benarlah org kata, bila peknen mmg sokmo2 terasa panas....berpeluh2 dibuatnya kalo berselimut comforter sampai ke pagi....wat to do..:(
Sleep may escape you when you are 27 weeks pregnant. You could find yourself going to bed very tired but just unable to drift off when you want to. Your brain could be flooded with thoughts and you problem solve until the wee small hours. Talking of wee, you’re probably finding you still need to get up and go to the toilet a couple of times a night and that’s not helping your insomnia. There’s no point lying in bed tossing and turning for hours. If this happens, get up for a while. Watch some television, have a glass of milk, take a shower or read a book. Small comfort measures like clean sheets, fresh air, a fan blowing across you and a pile of supportive pillows can all be helpful.
You are probably getting excited at this stage. If you are working, you will need to lodge your application forms for maternity leave soon, if you’ve not already done this. Do some preliminary research into your leave entitlements, your planned return to work and your employer’s arrangements for taking maternity leave. Having a definite date in mind for when to finish work can be something to mentally work towards when you feel as if you’re getting nowhere.
Think about how you would like to feed your baby. One of the major indicators for successful breastfeeding is a positive attitude from the mother during her pregnancy. Other influences are a supportive partner, positive attitude from a woman’s mother and/or her mother in law and the general attitudes towards breastfeeding in a woman’s family and community. -
Mmg ada kdg2 timbul feeling yang terlebih alert...risau itu ini x pasal2 ajer....Tapi saya cepat2 sedar tuk sentiasa bertenang dan berfikiran positif. Tak putus2 doa saya ketika solat tuk jauhkan fikiran drpd menda2 fikiran negatif. Semoga saya tetap teguh menjadi org2 yg sentiasa positif mindanya...aminnnn!

As anxious as you are to evict your tenant so you can snuggle with the little bugger, he or she still needs a few more months in the protection of your womb.
Pay careful attention to your body and watch for the symptoms of labor. Premature babies have a much higher risk of illness and even death due to low birth weight and underdevelopment, so if you see signs, contact your doctor.
If you think you might be in premature labor, try drinking several glasses of water and lying down on your left side. While doing this, feel your stomach for contractions, which will make your uterus hard like your forehead. Doing simple things like cutting out caffeine and eating right can prevent premature labor
Baby's done a lot of growing over the past few months. His length has more than doubled in the past 15 weeks! And that's not the only thing growing—baby's brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace. His brain waves are now firing away just like those of a newborn baby. If baby is a he, his testes will have completely descended at this point. ..-
Ya Allah, semoga saya dipermudahkan segala urusan.....diberikan pelindungan kesihatan yang baik untuk ibu dan baby, diberikan peluang untuk melalui pengalaman mengandung dan melahirkan secara normal....Hanya padaMu tempat aku memohon pertolongan..aminnn!

Note: Ketahuan bhw kawan seopis saya masih juga tidak bersalin lagi sehingga genap 41 minggu hari ini....semoga urusannya dipermudahkan....ibu dan anak sihat....aminnn!

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