Thursday, January 20, 2011

28 minggu di alam rahim

Date : 20 Jan 2011
28wks 4 days
In just 3 more months, your little bundle of joy will arrive. And if you're like most women, you'll gain about 5kg this trimester, while your child adds on more body fat to prepare for his grand entrance.
He’s also busy developing billions of neurons in her brain. When he’s born, his brain cells will connect to each other through visual, motor, language and social
Lepas ada 'spotting' secalit last week, same as feeling yg 2 kali (wk 6 n wk 9) dulu..tiap kali buang air, mmg neves duk monitor.....kut2 msh ada 'spotting' lagi.....Ya Allah, tenangkan perasaan saya ini.....
As if we have to tell you: their little “cute” kicks are getting stronger these days, but just pay attention. If you notice a significant drop in the number of kicks experienced per hour it would be a good idea to tell your physician or mid-wife. But before you start getting anxious, keep in mind that during the final weeks of pregnancy your in-house-football player will be kicking significantly less as they will lack the space to move about as vigorously.
Yer betul..skrg ni baby mmg dah buat pelbagai aksi rasanya. Bukan takat tendang...berpusing sana sini...menonggeng jugak kut....sbb ibu mmg dpt rasakan pergerakan yg aktif sungguh. Bila ayah pegang perut ibu, mmg kagi jelas baby duk tendang2 perut...heheheh.
If you didn’t know yet, some time prior to labor you will lose your mucous plug (this is exactly what it sounds like: a plug made of mucous in your cervix that protects the entrance to your uterus). Women that have had a previous pregnancy tend to dilate earlier thereby losing their mucous plug earlier on… even before real labor sets in-
Yer ok...ibu had a previous prematured delivered our precious Inas, so saya mmg hv to monitor myself and alert with any labour sign. jauh disudut hati saya, mmg msh ada sisa perasaan yang neves bila mengingatkan smula saat2 suspen labour itu. Harapan yg sgt besar, utk kali ini, saya mohon...berdoa sungguh2 pada Yang Maha Kuasa. Antara peringatan yang saya amalkan sekarang ialah....:

a) Rest n Relax as much as u can.....- jgn paksa diri nak buat apa2 keja sekalipun. Kalau rasa malas..saya layankan juga perasaan itu...kalau rasa sakit benar mata memandang bila keadaan rumah atau kwsn sekeliling bersepah, saya cuba tahankan diri buat dekk ajer...Asal yg penting, saya x penat...My Gyne pun kata, kalau kita duk baring, bangun takat nk buang air dan makan ajer mmg boleh membantu menenangkan perasaan ibu dan keadaan baby kat dlm ni.....

b) No travel - weekend duk umah ajer...takat kuat jln2 hirup angin petang n JJCM ok la kut. Tapi kalau travel yg perlu duk berjam2 dlm keta tu saya x sanggup rasanya...mmg terasa lenguh2 dan sakit2 badan dibuatnya. Now, dah ada rs sakit2 pinggan dan lenguh sana sini....

c) No sex intercourses - ni wajib kena puasa....according to book " What u expect when u r expecting", some women mmg sgt sensitif dgn sex intercourses due earlier watch out!!
• 24 to 28 weeks – it's not unusual to feel your baby hiccup and while sudden loud noises won't do them any harm, they might make them 'jump'! 
How to manage tiredness during pregnancy 
It can be tough fighting tiredness during pregnancy – especially in the latter stages. There are a few things you can do to help you feel less tired: • Taking 20 minutes 'time out' mid morning and mid afternoon could recharge your batteries.• Putting your feet up could ease any fluid retention and help you relax more.• If you're tired, a healthy balanced diet is even more important to keep your immunity levels high.• Iron rich foods, like leafy green vegetables, can boost your energy too.• Try not to rely on sugary food to get you through the day.• Take all the offers of help you can get.• Relax, rent a film, do some on-line shopping – whatever takes your fancy.• Maybe treat yourself to a day off. You deserve it!-
Biasanya penat terasa bila balik dr keja...sampai umah mmg ketara sgt rasa penat dan nak nap. Tapi bila dah selalu sgt nap petang...mlm mmg saya dlm dilema ssh nak lelap mata. So, dah x boleh nap petang, just baring dan rilek shj...hilangkan rasa penat tanpa lelap....(ermm, mlm td...dah of  to bed awal..dapat lelap tapi rasa mcm x dpt rasa nikmat tido, naper erkk?...)
  • Stretch marks could be appearing on your tummy now. If you’ve avoided them until now, don’t be alarmed. There is nothing you can do to stop them forming. Although they start out red and very visible, within a year or less they will fade to white and not be nearly as noticeable. - alhamdulillah x de tanda strech marks ni muncul lagi, masa peknan kan my Inas pun sama juga...x de kesan mcm "perut pecah", kata org tua2....
  • Squatting and bending down is getting harder. You’ll discover the easier way of doing things in a hurry. Picking things up with your toes takes some getting used to but it can be done. Lots of pregnant women invest in a set of extendable calipers – look in a toy shop for some. If you have a desk job, organise your work station to suit you. Your computer chair may need to be adjusted a couple of times a day.- betullah kan..sbbnya perut dah membuyung, mmg rasa mcm 'se'eh' la sikit nk menunduk bila amik barang, kalo nak main2 ngan Inas pun...kena sama2 ajak dia baring dan main peluk n sayang2 dia..
  • Feeling pregnant, looking pregnant, thinking pregnant can make your whole life seem to revolve around the coming baby. Some women long for their old identity at this stage of their pregnancy. Unfortunately, things are likely to get worse before they improve. You won’t always be seen in terms of your relationship with the baby, it’s just that it’s become so obvious now.- Tersgt saya memikirkan kandungan ini...harapan besar agar semua urusan dipermudahkanya dan sihat sentiasa...aminnn!
  • If you find yourself rushing to the toilet every five minutes just sit tight. Chances are this is because the baby is lying in a particularly prominent position on top of your bladder. Try lying on your side to see if this prompts it to move into another position.- Ini mmg berlaku, br je kejap pi tolir buang air...lps tu..rasa nak pegi lagi toilet..nak buang air lagi....
  • Book a holiday. Now is the time to think about organising some time away before the baby is born. Having a break between leaving work and your due date can be incredibly restorative and help remind you of the important things in life. If you’ve got older children, this will be an opportunity for you to spend some quality, one on one time with them before they need to share your attention with their new sibling.- - Yer mmg best kalau dpt pi holiday, tapi niat saya drpd awal..bila dah touch 7mths, mmg tahankan diri drpd pi travel mana2 dah....tamau ambahkan lagi rasa sakit2 badan dan lenguh2 n rilex as mush as u can.....Insyallah...
    "Jauhkan diri ini daripada mimpi2 buruk...daripada berfikiran negatif.....tenangkan jiwa saya, lapangkan fikiran saya...aminnnn!"

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