Saturday, November 27, 2010

20wks to go....

Week 20: Congratulations, you now have a mini

The part of your baby’s brain that controls their senses is developing fast. And their heartbeat can easily be detected now. At the same time, your baby’s skin is secreting a thick white mucus called vernix which acts as a waterproof barrier to protect the skin during pregnancy. Your baby now measures about 22cm from head to toe.

It’s time to go for your detailed ultra-sound 20-week scan and you’ll be able to look at your baby on screen for possibly the first time! It can be quite an exciting, emotional experience so you might want to take your partner or a friend along to share it with you. The 20-week scan is usually called the anomaly scan and its purpose is to check that everything is as it should be and your baby is developing normally. The position of the placenta will be checked and the main point of the scan is to look for any abnormalities in your baby’s physical growth and development. The scan lasts about 15-20 minutes and the sonographer who carries it out will more than likely show you the screen at some point while they check your baby and perhaps point out details like the heartbeat and limbs. At 20 weeks, they may also be able to tell which sex your baby is but not all hospitals will tell you this.

If there is any kind of suspected problem, you will be told at once and you may be invited back for another scan. Sometimes it’s necessary to repeat the scan but this does not always mean that there is a serious problem with your

Ahh yer...last check-up doc tamau bagitau lagi jantinanya sbb x berapa jelas katanya means not really confirm yet!...It's NO HARM for me..yang penting baby dan ibu sihat seadanya...

Yes..yes..yes...betul sgt tu. Baby kat dalam sgt aktif. Lebih2 lagi ketika ibu berbaring...memang terasa sgt tendangan dan gerakan ala2 geli gitu...and the most beautiful feeling, bila ayah usap2 perut ibu...dan masa tu mmg byk2 kali lah baby tau masa tu ayah sedang usap2 dia...:)..nice kan....:)

As you continue to grow, you may be aware of aches in your lower abdomen or even an occasional brief, stabbing pain on one or both sides when you shift position.

Don’t worry too much about it because it’s only your ligaments stretching to accommodate your weight.
If you find that your palms are red, it’s probably from all that extra oestrogen. You may also notice dark skin patches because of a temporary increase in pigment. Don’t worry as these darkened spots usually fade shortly after delivery.

In the meantime, slather sunscreen, and a little concealing make-up can also work

Ibu mg selalu beringat tuk tiada pergerakkan kasar. Nak duduk..bangun, berjalan semuanya slow otion ajer..even nak berbaring pusing kiri dan kanan pun mmg hati2 sgt..tamau kasar2 sbb sian kat baby yg mmg aktif jugak kat dlm ni....

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